Die Augen der Roxana Halls – Walkthrough

Video (5:17): queer feminist painter Roxana Halls (UK) takes us on a (silent) tour of her exhibition in Berlin: Die Augen der Roxana Halls.

Die Augen der Roxana Halls was on display at Haus Kunst Mitte, Berlin, Germany July 1 – October 1, 2023.

Die Augen der Roxana Halls at Haus Kunst Mitte is the first institutional exhibition of the acclaimed British painter Roxana Halls. It also constitutes another chapter of her intense relationship with Berlin, which goes back to 2004. Halls’ first stays in Berlin helped her to develop her vision and approach. This is characterised by humour and satire, by excellent draughtsmanship and painting skills and an acute sense for current themes and pictorial innovations. To this day, Berlin, its history and its cultural scene inspire the largely self-taught artist to create new series of paintings.

The exhibition brings together almost forty paintings and photographs from the last two decades of her work and documents her artistic development. Six of the works were created recently and are presented here for the first time. Other works have already found their way into private collections and have not been shown together for over a decade.

Halls has developed a new form of narrative painting that is both serious and playful. For women in particular, it is subversive and illuminating, as Halls continually searches for new ways of representing them. The artist contests societal taboos and has for many years exposed a wide audience to her queer and feminist themes, in works including her self-portraits, in which she occasionally depicts herself with her wife. It is Halls’ smiling subversion, inviting us to question norms and cross boundaries, which secures her a place in the new canon of British figurative art.” – Haus Kunst Mitte

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