Digital Tapestries by Azsa West

Artist statement via Leslie-Lohman Museum eDigest. Tuesday, August 6

Azsa West – BLANKET

Leslie-Lohman Museum
Window Gallery
26 Wooster Street, New York City
July 20 – October 13, 2013

photo by Azsa WestBLANKET is a series of digitally printed tapestries made by using portraits taken with a camera phone around New York City.

I did not want this work to feel like photographs on a wall in a window. I wanted to also communicate the feeling that these people give me in my life. These people make me feel warm. These people have challenged me. These people have moved me in some way shape or form, and I, them. A blanket is something we can share. It is something we can hide beneath. It is something we seek out when we are cold. When we are wanting to enclose ourselves. This is the wrapping paper of this moment. The moment you see in the image.

~ Azsa West

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