Secret Love: Chinese Homosexual Artists Exhibit in Sweden

Asia Calling’s Rebecca Henschke made this video together with correspondent Ric Wasserman, who was at the opening of Secret Love, April 2013.

Secret Love

April 27 – December 8 2013
The Museum of World Culture (Världskultur Museet)
Göteborg, Sweden

Secret Love is the world’s first large contemporary queer art exhibition from mainland China presenting app. 150 works of art about homosexuality, identity and norms. Secret Love, featuring the new generation of Chinese Homosexual Artists is curated by Swedish based curator Si Han of the Museum of World Culture. The exhibition, which premiered at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska Museet) in Stockholm last year, is now runing through December 8 at The Museum of World Culture in Göteborg.

Artist Activists Promoting Love

Secret Love presents 27 Chinese artist. The exhibition at the Museum of World Culture has an important addition with the female artist Li Xinmo, who participates in multiple arts including photography and performance art. The exhibition also includes photography based works by Beijing artist Shi Tou, who is interviewed in the above video about her works. Shi Tou is a lesbian artist activist. She was the first lesbian, who came out to discuss same-sex relationships on national TV in China. She organized and hosted the first Chinese Lesbian and Gay Conference and the first mainland Chinese Convention of Lesbians both events held in Beijing in 1998, less than a year after homosexuality was decriminalised in China 1997.

Secret Love presents works by Queer Chinese Artists:

Cheng Juanzi, Chi Peng, Cui Zi, Fan Popo, Gao Brothers, Gao Yuan, Han Meichao, Jiang Qigu, Li Guangxin, Li Yongfei, Li Xiaofeng, Li Xinmo, Lin Zhipeng, Lin Jinfu, Ma Liuming, Mu Xi, Qiu Jiongjiong, Ren Hang, Song Jianing, Shi Tou, Wang Zi, Wei Jiangang, Xiyadie, Xie Qi, Yang Guowei, Zhang Yuan and Zheng Bo.

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