Slideshow: ‘Hide/Seek’ at the National Portrait Gallery

Slideshow: ‘Hide/Seek’ at the National Portrait Gallery, published at by PBS News Hour

David Ward, historian at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Washington, DC, USA, describes (in the above video) the motivation behind a current exhibition called “Hide/Seek,” which examines modern American portraiture through the lens of gender and sexuality. David co-curated the queer art show with Jonathan D. Katz and after the opening of the show fearing that the whole show would be closed by Republicans in Congress, the director of the museum had a David Wojnarowicz video removed from the show.

Censorship Of Queer Art In USA And UK
Maybe I am naive, but I am surprised that censorship of queer art is still happening every where in the Western world. The controversy about the queer art presented at the “Hide/Seek” show is not a single event. I have just learned that the several artworks was censored at the GFEST 2010 visual arts exhibition during the queer cultural festival in November 2010 in London, UK.