Holograms & Haptics at the Limit of Sight & Sound with Constantina Zavitsanos

Video (58:26): Artist’s talk with Constantina Zavitsanos about their work in waves from holography to haptic sound, and the cacophony of incapacity and interference as shifting sites for speculation and sociality beyond scarcity. Constantina Zavitsanos (New York, NY) is currently QUEER|ART mentor (2003): visual art.

About Constantina Zavitsanos

Constantina Zavitsanos (they/them) works in sculpture, performance, text, and sound to elaborate what’s invaluable in the re/production of debt, dependency, and means beyond measure. Zavitsanos has exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, New Museum, and The Kitchen among other NY venues; and internationally in Scotland and Germany. They co-authored “Other Forms of Conviviality” in Women & Performance (Routledge, 2013) and “The Guild of the Brave Poor Things” in Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility (MIT Press, 2017). Constantina Zavitsanos (New York, NY) is currently QUEER|ART mentor (2003): visual art.

Mentorship Programme in New York

QUEER|ART was launched in 2009 to support a generation of LGBTQ+ artists that lost mentors to the AIDS Crisis of the 1980s. By fostering the confident expression of LGBTQ+ artists’ perspectives, stories, and identities, Queer|Art amplifies the voice of a population that has been historically suppressed, disenfranchised, and often overlooked by traditional institutional and economic support systems. (…)

Queer|Art|Mentorship is the core program of PRACTICE and the cornerstone of all activity at Queer|Art. The annual 13-month program cultivates an intergenerational and interdisciplinary network of support and shared knowledge among a diverse and vibrant community of LGBTQ filmmakers, authors, performers, curators, and visual artists.”

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