Kathleen O’Connor ‘In the studio’ c. 1928

‘Kathleen O’Connor ‘In the studio’ c. 1928′, a video published by National Gallery of Australia.

Australian Painter Kathleen O’Connor (1876 – 1968)

Kathleen O’Connor was born in New Zealand in 1876 but grew up largely in Western Australia. She showed early talent as an artist. This, combined with her independent and determined personality, and her upper-class background, set the foundation for a life-long career as an artist, unmarried and childless. Kathleen’s forte was portraiture and still life. She (…) spent a large part of her life, almost 50 years, overseas. She was most at home in Paris.’ – Out Here: Gay and Lesbian Perspectives VI, Chapter 9: Australian Lesbian Artists of the Early Twentieth Century by Peter Di Sciascio.