Laurence Rasti – There Are No Homosexuals in Iran (2017)

Video (7:24): a leaf through Laurence Rasti’s photobook, There Are No Homosexuals in Iran (Edition Patrick Frey, 2017).

Art Book:
There Are No Homosexuals in Iran
by Laurence Rasti
Hardcover, 156 pages, 53 color images
25 × 19 cm
Zürich: Edition Patrick Frey, 2017.
2. edition 2018
1. edition 2017
ISBN: 978-3-906803-38-8
Language: English

My object is not to portray them [the queer sitters] as victims of political oppression and harrowing memories, but to focus on their current predicament and their hopes for a better, freer life in which to express their love and sexuality openly, beyond the reach of narrow sexual and gender dictates. The photographs paradoxically juxtapose light, simple, sometimes even festive elements with the gravity of the subject-matter and the precariousness of her subjects’ plight. Alternating between covered and uncovered faces, the series points up the difficulties these men face in reappropriating the identity space they’ve been deprived of. – Laurence Rasti, Carouge 2016

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