Mammy Dearest – performance by Cecilio Cooper

Performance artist ThiswayThatway (aka Cecilio Cooper) in May Day 2011 festival at CounterPULSE, San Francisco, USA.

About Cecilio Cooper
California College of The Arts writes: “ThiswayThatway (aka Cecilio Cooper) regards “fabulosity” as a kind of science and sparkle as a high art. As a solo performer and collaborator, Cooper wreaks havoc on stages across the country in art festivals and academic conferences. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Performance Studies at the University of California at Davis, with an emphasis in practice-as-research.

Cooper maintains a scholarly interest in slavery, neoslavery, gender-variance, and sexuality through theories of performance, philosophies of race, and histories of the human. Ultimately, Cooper is a dandified performance artist who enjoys the messy collision of glitter and theory.”

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Cecilio Cooper