Performance Artists Gilivanka Kedzior and Barbara Friedman

Double Bind, performance by Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman, 2010.

UK Premiere at GFEST
Double Bind / 4 min / France
Filmmaker: Gilivanka Kedzior and Barbara Friedman (aka Red Bind)
Video: Boris Friedman

The performance art video Double Blind will be screened at GFEST 2011 Short Film Screening 2 @ Prince Charles Theatre, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BY, UK/ Wed 9 Nov @ 7.15 PM

Description: A reflection on the strength and the pain of the tie between two individuals.

About The Artists
Gilivanka Kedzior and Barbara Friedman are multidisciplinary artists, who investigate subjects such as dominant relationships, social yokes, gender and issues of the double and of the multiple characters under a single skin. They are based in France.

GFEST 2011’s art exhibition, Nov 7 to Nov 19, 2011 will also present a photographic work by Gilivanka and Barbara.

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