Maria ‘Toyen’ Cerminova

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Slideshow with works by bisexual, surrealist Czech artist, painter, drafter and illustrator Maria Čermínová. She/they chose the gender-neutral artist name Toyen in 1923 at the same time as she/they joined the Czech avant-garde Devětsil group in 1923 and exhibited with them in Paris, France.

Maria Čermínová (Toyen)
Born: September 21, 1902; Prague, Czech Republic
Died: November 9, 1980; Paris, France
Nationality: Czech
Art Movement: Surrealism
Painting School: Devětsil
Field: painting, illustration
Friends and Co-workers: Jindrich Styrsky
Henri Casadesus (1879-1947):
Concerto in B minor for viola and orch ‘in the style of Handel’ (1924)
RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra.
William Primrose, viola
Frieder Weissmann, conductor