Marta Kochanek: We Love We Make We Exist

Press Release

Invitation: We Love

We Love We Make We Exist is a Photo Documentary delivered by Marta Kochanek thanks to kind support of Arts Council England and Birmingham Shout Festival.

The new body of work consists of 13 panoramic photographs for which Marta portrayed members of LGBT Families including their children. We Love We Make We Exist is developed to promote as well as to increase the presence and visibility of Homosexual Parents / Families.

Marta believes that parenting belongs to one of the most important topics brought up between two loving each other people. Homosexual parenting is even more complicated. Not only to consider all important and necessary arrangements but most importantly taking into account tolerance within the society. Marta’s was to create a clear and positive image of random homosexual families to show off as well as prove all values that homosexual family can deliver to raise healthy and happy children.

Marta is delighted to invite you to join the exhibition of her project as well as all other activities during Shout Festival:

Shout Festival dates – 28th Feb – 10th March 2013
Exhibition Opening / Private Viewing – Fri 1st March, 6-8pm @ Mac Arts Centre
Exhibition open to public from Sat 2nd March