Tin, Sin & Kinship by Dinah DiNova

A successfully funded queer Kickstarter project by Dinah DiNova, 2012.

Tin, Sin & Kinship – a collection of modern day Wet Plate Collodion Tintypes celebrating queer & radical subcultures in the United States was successfully funded in December 2012. Visual artist Dinah DiNova writes about her project: “This photographic exploration has cris-crossed the United States eight times in the past 4 years. It was hatched in a backyard in West Oakland, passed through the copper mines of Bisbee, Arizona, danced in the streets of New Orleans and had it’s breath taken away in the woods of Tennessee. My intention is to continue this exploration back in New Orleans Louisiana this winter. I will be taking things a step further with a larger camera, creating 8×10 black glass ambrotypes and aluminum tintypes in addition to my 5×7 work.”

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Dinah DiNova