Melbourne: The Comfort Zone

A work by Amanda Krantz
‘Flocking to Buddha’, Amanda Krantz.

Kim Leutwyler invites you to go see the queer group exhibition titled The Comfort Zone in the Foyer & Angela Robarts – Bird Galleries, Australia. The Comfort Zone is a specially curated, group exhibition where selected GLBTIQ artists will be exhibiting one or two pieces of work. The exhibition will showcase the incredible talents of the artists, while sharing all the elements that make them proud to be who they are as human beings.
As part of The Comfort Zone, there will be a ‘Wall of Sound’ – a message board installation comprising post-it notes, photos and cards stuck to the wall with positive messages about ‘Equality for All’. During the opening night festivities and for the duration of the exhibition, guests will be able to leave their own messages of support.

The Comfort Zone

Opening: Thu 16 Jan 6 – 8pm
Exhibition runs: 14 Jan – 2 Feb; Daily 9am – 4pm
Venue: Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park Vic, Melbourne, Australia
The exhibition is a part of the Midsumma Queer Arts Festival in Melbourne.

Paintings by Kim Leutwyler
Paintings by Kim Leutwyler. Exhibition view from The Comfort Zone.

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