Michèle Pearson Clarke | TEDxPortofSpain (2019)

Video (14:58): rethinking how we hold space for grief and loss by queer feminist artist Michèle Pearson Clarke | TEDxPortofSpain (2019). Michele Pearson Clarke ask us two simple, yet compelling questions: Whose space will you hold grief for? How will you hold space for your grief?

About Michèle Pearson Clarke
‘Through her art, Michèle Pearson Clarke evokes thoughtful considerations of the personal and political. Her work deals largely with the everyday moments of ambiguity, melancholy and discomfort present in narratives related to longing and loss. By using archival, performative and process-oriented strategies, she investigates the personal and political possibilities afforded by sharing these experiences and the negative emotions that they produce like disappointment, loneliness, shame and grief.’ – TEDX

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