Mirror Of Broken Dreams by Stefanie Schneider

'A Wish' by Stefanie Schneider

‘A Wish’ by Stefanie Schneider

Mirror Of Broken Dreams by Stefanie Schneider
Galleri Robert Drees
Weidendamm 15
30167 Hannover, Germany
Opening Hours: Wednesday 10 – 18.00h,Thursday 14 – 18.30h,
Friday 10 – 18.30h, Saturday 11 – 14.00h

‘Mirror Of Broken Dreams’ runs through August 20, 2011.

German photographer and queer woman Stefanie Schneider visualizes like the Hollywood dream factory the American Dream. Her staged images features a ‘road movie’ set in a desert landscape in California, USA. Her images are somewhat less glossy, than the usual Hollywood dream images as Stefanie uses outdated Polaroid films for her photography projects, which makes her images both familiar and strange. They a mix of stereotypes and photographic reality.

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