‘Odd Girl Out’, Queer Paintings at Q Center, Oregon

Jessica Burke, USA, is painting portraits of the queer community in Oregon. In an artist statement to Feminine Moments queer painter and teacher Jessica said:

‘I believe we are a visual culture and our identity is defined by the visual vocabulary we create. My drawings and paintings portray figurative allegories of experience, thought and emotion. They allow me to express my reaction to issues concerning gender performance, specifically concentrating on the fundamental role of femininity in today’s reality. Most of my work focuses on the visual judgments that are propagated at an alarming rate in this “contemporary” society of ours. Only by honestly addressing the fractures caused by these judgments and assumptions, can we begin a dialogue and subsequent action that can initiate a broader understanding and acceptance’.

‘Odd Girl Out’

You can see her queer paintings and drawings of the lesbian community in the US at the Q Center in Portland, Oregon, USA. Q Center boasts one of the few all-queer gallery spaces in Portland. They work with local and national LGTB artists to bring dynamic and exciting exhibitions to its walls.

The exhibition title “Odd Girl Out” references Ann Bannon’s 1957 classic pulp novel about a young woman, who struggles to make sense of her sexuality within the rigid confines of 1950s gender politics. In the end, she chooses to embrace her identity as a lesbian and sets off to find a like-minded community in NY’s Greenwich Village.

Closing reception is on September 27th, 2-4pm, at Q Center, Portland, Oregon, USA.

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