‘Out of Focus’ – Antwerp Queer Arts Festival

Excerpt from the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival’s website

“Out of Focus”
August 2-12, 2018
Gallery Verbeeck — Van Dyck​
Free entrance

‘Out of Focus’

“The queer community has long existed out of focus from mainstream society. Whether pushed away to the margins or hiding in plain sight, visibility and representation have long been too absent for various facets of queer. In this year’s exhibition, organized in Gallery Verbeeck – Van Dyck, the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival explores notions of (in)visibility, hiding and uncovering that are a substantial part of everyday queer life.

In the presented works, visibility is positioned between a basic human necessity with which to find agency, and a potential hazard. Some works in their own right serve as a vehicle to make visible often underrepresented components of the queer community. By programming a range of artists from different geographical areas and places within the queer community, the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival aims to contemplate the positive and potentially negative consequences of visibility and being in focus.
Including works by Conny Karlsson Lundgren, Leah DeVun, Nabil Vega, Pierre Liebaert & Hannah Dawn Henderson.”