Over Time – On The Greenwich Foreshore

Over Time starts on September 13 – 14 2014 with performances and other works on the foreshore and Thames Path near Enderby’s Wharf in London, UK, 11.00 to 16.00 both days and 19.45 to 22.00 on Saturday.

Works from the project will be exhibited from September 19 to October 16, 2014 in The Stephen Lawrence Gallery Archive Space, Greenwich University, Old Royal Naval College, SE10 9LS.

On Sunday October 26, there is a day of performance, films and talks at The National Maritime Museum and Queens House, Greenwich, SE10 9NF, 12.00 to 16.00.

‘Over Time [curated by Anne Robinson] is an art project involving eleven artists, each of whom will make a response to spending precisely the same fixed amount of ‘clock time’ (five hours without watches or phones) in in the very historically resonant and atmospheric riverside space at Enderby’s Wharf, site of the first underwater telegraph cables and marked by time as industrial history and now a space for mudlarking, beachcombing and reflection Works will include sound, movement, performance, film, drawing, writing, conceptual, objects…’

‘Over Time art project aims to enable eleven amazing contemporary artists to make ‘time pieces’ in a place that is about to change forever… on the Greenwich foreshore.’

Participating Artists

Birgitta Hosea, Jo David, Claudia Firth, Charlie Fox, Katharine Fry, Rachel Gomme, Victoria Gray, The International Western, Gavin Maughfling, Sarah Sparkes and Ian Thompson.

Birgitta Hosea

Birgitta Hosea is performance artist and animator based in London UK will present her work Time Channel, film projection at Over Time. She is working in the field of expanded animation: ‘Through video installation and performance art, she combines a range of media – animation, manipulated video, paper sculpture, performance drawing, live video feeds and interactive technology – with the live body’. Birgitta curated the exhibition SEeAFAR at Folkestone, Triennial Fringe, August 2014 and has exhibitied her own works since the early 90s. Her early works were soft sculptures and installations. She made among others the overtly erotic work work Fierce Pussy Chair (1993) which is presented in Damn Fine Art By New Lesbian Artists by Cherry Smyth (1996).

Rachel Gomme

Rachel Gomme is an interdisciplinary artist working in performance and installation. ‘Through durational performance, site-specific performance and interactive encounters, she seeks to open a space for engagement with the embodied moment, awareness of the unnoticed detail of bodily presence and processes, and to highlight the viewer’s essential involvement in creating the unique, shared moment of performance.’ She makes endurance performances where she is knitting, unravelling and reknitting as an exploration of experienced time, texture, the body and space.

Curator  and Artist Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson’s is a multi-diciplinary artist working with the perception and politics of time passing. She works experimentally with duration, frame, exposure, paint surface, sound and movement. She  is also an art and film curator. She has curated for Supernormal Festival, an annual 3 day experimental arts festival taking place at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire, UK (August 2014).