PHotoEspaña | Marie Høeg y Bolette Berg – Como un torbellino (2023)

Video (1:50): Exhibition views from PHotoEspaña, Madrid | Marie Høeg y Bolette Berg – Como un torbellino (29/05/23 – 27/08/23).

The private photos from the beginning of the last century by Norwegian photographers Marie Høeg and Bolette Berg never cease to surprise the public: the images show both artists playing and transgressing gender roles and identities alongside friends and siblings.

Marie and Bolette worked as photographers in the Norwegian town of Horten between 1894 and 1903, after which they moved to Oslo and founded a publishing house. The couple spent their entire adult lives working and living together: they were fully committed to the fight for women’s rights. Marie achieved special notoriety, both locally and nationally. As it was said of her when she was still alive: “She came like a whirlwind and woke up the lethargic Horten!” – PHotoEspaña

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