Portraits & Wild Pain

A cross-posted INDIEGOGO campaign by Amie LeeKing

Mikki by Amie LeeKing
Mikki by Amie LeeKing, USA

Portraits & Wild Pain

My INDIEGOGO campaign is to raise funds for my first solo show at NYC’s ION Studio in late June.

My background

Hi, friends, I’m Amie LeeKing and since the 90’s I always had a camera in my hand from coast to coast at rock shows such as Sleater-Kenney, Hole, and Blonde Redhead. I have albums full of those old photos. As I progressed, I began shooting more staged imagery and had my first group show in Portland, Oregon in 2004. I sold my first photograph to a visiting French man and I knew then that I had an audience for my work.

I decided to take my passion further and I went to grad school in London at the University of the Arts and received my masters a several years ago. Beyond Portland, I have shown work in Montreal, New York, and San Francisco.

I am raising money to fund my first solo show at ION Studio in New York City from late June through September. Not only is it an opportunity to have my first solo show – something every artists strives to achieve; this particular show will cater to an audience that is ideal for my work. The selected works are images I shot over the past four years. The photographs are a mix of images of portraits and “wild pain”.

The making of the show and your help

I plan on showing 12 photographs from 16”x20” to 24”x36” mounted on aluminum. The funds raised will go to printing, mounting and shipping costs. The magnitude and time dedicated to this show involves a significant amount of effort and resources and for you detail oriented folks and photo geeks: I’m scanning and touching up medium format film, blowing-up digital prints, and working with my brother-in-law, Adrian, to render 3-D images of the space to sketch up the show i.e. this is a remote installation from 2,900 miles away, prior to the real installation!

In exchange for your generous contribution, you will receive prints, postcards, preview images and/or special thank yous!