Queer Visual Arts In Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Mardi Gras is back again. It runs from February 19 – March 6, 2011. The festival main event is of course the famous parade on March 5, 2011, where the streets of Sydney close down for a rainbow extravaganza of over 100 floats with dancing participants in lavish costumes.

Mardi Gras Gallery
I have spotted a few queer art shows during the Mardi Gras 2011. The first one which I want to mention is the festival’s own visual arts show:

The Mardi Gras Gallery
February 22 – March 3, 2010 at
Mardi Gras Gallery
Urban Uprising,
314 Crown Street,
Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

This gallery features works of local and international artists. The artists include Liam Benson, Charlotte Brookes, Cade Buchanan, Ingrid Dernee, Aaron McGarry, Anita Pettinato, Martin Roberts, Sonya Rothwell, Niobe Syme, Mr. Tina and Mrs. Vera. This year the Mardi Gras has received a generous support of the CAL Cultural Fund and the Gallery will again be awarding one of their artists with the Mardi Gras Gallery Art Prize – a cash prize of $5,000,-

Grace by Photo Artist Tina Fiveash
Renown Australian photo artist, Tina Fiveash presents her latest series ‘Grace’, which explores dreams, memory and emotions at Kudos Gallery. She says in her artist statement:

“Since childhood, I have experienced vivid flying dreams. These dreams are accompanied by the most divine, heavenly feeling: a type of mystical or spiritual sensation, which lingers within my emotional memory for days. Its presence is so overwhelmingly beautiful I yearn to express it. ‘Grace’ attempts to express and share something of this powerful presence, which defies definition by spoken or written language.”

Grace by Tina Fiveash
Kudos Gallery
6 Napier St,
Paddington, New South Wales, Australia
February 22 – March 5, 2011

The press release reads: ‘Grace represents Tina’s shift into video art and animated lenticular photography: a technologically complex and rarely used medium, which produces an illusion of animation on a flat photograph. Viewers of the works are enabled the freedom to infinitely rewind, replay and/or pause to reflect on all they are seeing/perceiving by controlling the angle and pace in which they interact with the large-scale works.’

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