San Francisco: QCCA Presents Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer

Press release, Queer Cultural Center Newsletter, September – 2013

Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts presents:

Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer: The Making of Art and Culture

September 16, 7pm
Timken Hall, California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco

New Book: Art and Queer Culture

Spanning 125 years, Art and Queer Culture is the first major historical survey to consider the ways in which the codes and cultures of homosexuality have provided a creative resource for visual artists. Attempts to trouble the conventions of gender and sexuality, to highlight the performative aspects of identity and to oppose the tyranny of the normal are all woven into the historical fabric of homosexuality and its representation. From Oscar Wilde to Ryan Trecartin, from the molly houses of eighteenth-century London to the Harlem drag balls of the 1920s, the flamboyant refusal of social and sexual norms has fueled the creation of queer art and life throughout the modern period.