Sarah-Joy Ford and Veronica Slater: Reflecting on Queer Feminisms and Modernism

Video (1:09:46): Sarah-Joy Ford and Veronica Slater discuss the history queer art and their own queer feminist art projects.

Video description: ‘Sarah-Joy Ford and Veronica Slater will discuss the history queer art, starting with the work of Gluck, whose painting, The Devil’s Alter, 1932, will be included in the exhibition. Sarah-Joy Ford is an artist working with textiles to exploring queer communities and lesbian histories. Veronica Slater is an artist; she participated in the exhibition Along the Lines of Resistance at Rochdale Art Gallery in 1989.’

The talk was a part of the events programme for the 2023 exhibition A Tall Order! – Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s.

[The copyright of the video above remains with the original holder and it is used here for the purpose of education, comparison and criticism only.]

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