Sola Olulode | Romantic, Tender, and Subtle Black Love (2022)

Video (1:46): Interview with painter Sola Olulode who is based in South London, UK.

“Olulode’s expressionist style fuses abstraction and figuration. The romantic vignettes focus on subtle, mundane expressions of intimacy with a warm palette of deep toned blues, yellows and greens. Drawing from her British-Nigerian heritage, she uses a range of processes including assemblage, batik, Adire dyeing and impasto inspired by research into Yorubean art forms in Southwestern Nigeria. Olulode is heavily influenced by London’s QTIPOC nightlife, as well as the acute absence of Blackness in the city’s art galleries and institutions. Centring the Black queer femme in her multi-layered, textural works, Olulode’s practice sits alongside prolific Black British artists like Lubaina Himid, Sonia Boyce and Chris Ofili.

Laying in the Grass is an edition of 25 hand-pulled, 7 layer screenprints on 300gsm Hahnemuhle Bright White paper — extensively hand-finished by the artist in pencil and oil pastel to make every work unique.” – Avant Arte

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