Elizabeth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle and the Ecosexual Movement

 Sexecology postcard by Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens

Sexecology postcard by Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens

A Press Release from Femina Potens Gallery, California, USA:

Collages, photographs, wedding costumes/ephemera + an ecosexual walking tour.

Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens: The Love Art Laboratory
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – December 13, 2009- January 10, 2010 – Femina Potens is delighted to be welcoming artist couple Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle as they aim to make the environmental movement sexier! Two years ago Elizabeth and Annie made wedding vows, along with 400 guest-witnesses, to “love, honor and cherish the Earth.”  This propelled them to take the Earth as their lover and start the ‘ecosexual movement’. They believe that “if more people experienced the Earth as their lover instead of thinking of the her as their mother, it would make for a more mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.”

On view in the gallery will be their vegan and bio-degradable wedding costumes and ephemera from five of their way-beyond-gay ecology themed weddings; they married the Earth in Zagreb, Croatia, the Sky in Oxford, England, and the Sea at the Venice Biennale. Viewers will be visually transported to those wedding days and perhaps even be inspired to make their own vows to the Earth, Sky and Sea.

Stephens & Sprinkle have invented a new field of research they coined ‘Sexecology’ which explores the places where sexology and ecology overlap, and they are ‘sexecologists’. This show explores these themes through new collages on topographical maps layered with eco-erotic images, romantic plantings, sensual delights, erotic growths and soiled, wet romps. The artists have also produced a new poster: 25 Ways To Make Love to the Earth.

Join us for some of the events Stephens & Sprinkle offer the Femina Potens community during their month long exhibition. Do not miss their fun, unique and inspiring Sexecological Walking Tour where along the way, Beth and Annie will share their post-queer erotic wisdom, and their vision for helping to save our environment from pollution, overheating and destruction.
Dec. 13 2009, Sunday. 5:00-8:00. Opening reception.
Presentation/performance by the artists at 6:30.

Dec. 17 2009, Thursday. 7:00-8:30. International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers: A Memorial Vigil Ritual.

Dec. 19 2009,  Saturday. 1:00-4:00. The Sexecologists are In. Annie & Beth will show you around, chat, answer your questions.

Jan. 3 2010, Sunday. 2:00-3:30. Sexecological Walking Tour with Beth & Annie. Meet at Femina Potens, and take a walk to explore your ecosexuality – rain or shine. $15.”

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