Art Workshops At The Queer Pin@ay Conference In California

This year it is the 10 year anniversary since the first Queer Pin@y Conference in 1999 founded at UCLA, CA, US. The QPC at UCLA, USA was kicked off earlier this week by an art exhibition on Nov. 15 2009. The QPC’s queer exhibition features local artists and UCLA undergraduates.

Queer Pin@y Conference
takes place November 21, 2009 at UCLA, Le Conte Ave & Westwood Blvd, Westwood, CA, USA

California has a big community of creative people and first movers. It is often considered to be one of the most trendsetting communities of the Western world. With that in mind I have looked at the conference programme to see what is going on this autumn and I found two art workshops:

Tonilyn A. Sideco: Art As Activism - Visibility & Survival
Art and creativity plays a crucial role in anti-oppression work. For queer folks of color, drawing from our experiences as colonized and marginalized sectors of society and using art as a tool for social change is one way we continue to challenge oppressive systems in order to change them and create healthy communities. In this workshop, we will learn how your art and creativity can affect positive social change on a personal and systemic level.
We’ll watch films created by queer pinays/trans folks AND we’ll have a chance to create our own interactive project. Whether you’re into sketching, singing, dancing, or filmmaking…this workshop will be sure to inspire that QUEERative energy we know you already have!

Joanne Danganan, Abigail Faelnar: Art Is Activism - Curating A Socially Conscious Art Exhibit
Creating art involves an artists’ vulnerability to put their emotions on a canvas. Sharing this movement of emotion and opinion, therefore, requires a deep understanding of the artists’ purposes and underlying themes. In this way, curating an art exhibit can illuminate the possibilities where art is not just art, but also activism. Find out how to curate an exhibit that highlights social justice movements, like the queer Pin@y movement, to creatively expose the general public to taboo issues.

Both workshops take place on November 21.

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