Teddy Award TV Interview with Ulrike Ottinger

Video (22:30): Teddy Award Interview with filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger who is the 2020 Teddy Award nominee for the Best Documentary Film – Paris Calligrammes (2020).

Paris Calligrammes

‘In Paris Calligrammes, she explores the landscape of her memories of the city that she called home for 20 years and that helped shape her beginnings as a painter and filmmaker. Ottinger moved to Paris in her twenties and immersed herself in the cultural scene of the 1950s populated by heroes of the avant-garde and a new generation of artists and intellectuals. Meandering between bookshops, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, museums and cafés, Ottinger presents her personal pantheon, and at the same time maps a decisive era both in art – as Dada and Surrealism gave way to Situationism and Pop Art – and in politics where, in-between post-war hopes, the Algerian conflict and the student movements of 1968, there was much to discuss.’ (Teddy Award)

Video (1:51): The trailer for Paris Calligrammes by Ulrike Ottinger. Recipient of the Berlinale Camera 2020: Ulrike Ottinger. The film premiered in Germany in March 2020.

About Ulrike Ottinger

Ulrike Ottinger (born in Konstanz, Germany in 1942) has always been an openly lesbian. She worked as a painter and photographer in Paris from 1962-1968 where she also studied printmaking. She founded the Visuell film club in Konstanz in 1969, and led it until 1972; she also founded galeriepress art gallery and press. She has lived in Berlin since 1973. Alongside her film work she also produces operas and theatre and her fine art photographs are exhibited internationally.
Ulrike Ottinger has overseen the digitisation of her films. Her early film are now shown on international film festivals as well as her recent films, and she has had retrospective film programmes screened at the New Yorker Museum of Modern Art, the Pariser Cinémathèque française, the Centre Pompidou, the Biennale di Venezia, in Berkeley Art Museum and the Pacific Film Archive.

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