Press release from the Cinema Feast

Call for Entries

LGBTQ+ bipoc films from the Global South and diaspora: Application form

No entry fees. Deadline June 21st, 2023.

Curated by 75 SHOTS Pocket Cinema’s members. The Under the Radar film programming brings Queer Cinema from the Global South and the Diaspora to unexpected audiences. The event reclaims public spaces, highlights the triumphs and struggles in our community and cultivates spontaneous social inclusion, which provides a memorable experience. We are currently seeking films of all genres, under 30 minutes and in English or with English subtitles. for our screenings and permanent collection. No entry fees. Deadline June 21st, 2023.

About Cinema Feast

The Cinema Feast Collection is a non-commercial streaming library for marginalized LGBTQ+ people of colour. They showcase under-represented Queer Cinema of all genres, made by filmmakers from the Global South and the Diaspora. Your submissions are intended to support and to inspire a new generation of disenfranchised filmmakers.

Curator, Karin Hazé, has unearthed a myriad of hidden gems made by under-represented queer voices from the Global South and the Diaspora. There is a sub-culture of courageous and talented creatives living in oppressive regimes making dynamite films from a queer perspective. This in-person and online platform is for us and our allies to immerse ourselves in a passionate meeting place of solidarity.