Tipping the Drop

Invitation to the opening of ‘Tipping the Drop’ from Noemi Y. Molitor

Tipping the Drop

Crowe and Rawlinson
Simon Faithfull
Marta Marcé
Noemi Y. Molitor

2 Oct 2022 – 16 Oct 2022

m3 Kunsthalle
Mengerzeile 1–3, 12435 Berlin, Germany
Opening hours Fr.–Sun., 4–7pm

Opening Saturday, October 1st, 7pm

Straw, rocks, weed, marks, folds, sweet water and dirty water. The group show „Tipping the Drop“ presents works by Crowe and Rawlinson, Simon Faithfull, Marta Marcé, and Noemi Y. Molitor that evoke aggregate shifts, matter in transformation, and humble attempts at speaking with nature.