“YOUR DESTINY” – a Presentation by Liliana Kleiner

Video (1:45:06): “YOUR DESTINY” – a presentation by artist and Jungian therapist Liliana Kleiner.

About Liliana Kleiner

Visual artist, filmmaker, theorist and Jungian therapist Liliana Kleiner was born in Argentina, raised in Israel and is based in British Columbia, Canada. Kleiner has a Ph.D in clinical psychology (specializing in Jungian dream interpretation) from Queen’s University, Canada and an MFA from Haifa University.
Over the span of 35 years, she has created a rich variety of artworks inspired by wild nature , dreams and female mythology . She presents these myths in lectures and workshops in multiple countries. Her art has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the Western world and can be found in private collections in Canada, Israel, Latin America, Europe and USA. She produced three artist books THE SONG OF LILITH, 2008, THE SONG OF INANNA, 2017, and FEMALE NATURE, 2019. She also created art films – Lilith and the tree (1993) Lesbian Tango (2005), Teresa Inanna (2015).
Liliana Kleiner is also an experienced tango dancer and in 1995 she created the first Argentine Tango school in western Canada, teaching her original feminist approach to the traditional tango.

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