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European Painters

Ann Forster, painter, UK: Art link
Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki, painter, Finland: Art link
Aster V. Delgado, painter, Germany/Philippines: Art link
Antoinette MH Brandenburg, painter, Holland: Art link
Carola Hölting, painter, Germany: Art link
Conny Kunert, painter, Austria: Art link
Daniela Knizia, painter, Germany:
Diana P. Bailey, painter, USA/Germany: Art link Art link
Dawn Brayford, painter, UK: Art link
Dawn Mellor, Painter, UK:Art link
Edilène Bentzen, painter, Brazil/France: Art link
Frida Gustavsson, painter, mixed media artist, Sweden: Art link
George Alexandrov, painter, Bulgaria: Art link
Gudrun Besler, painter, Germany: Art link
Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller, painter and video artist, Denmark: Art link
Irit Rabinowits, painter, Israel:
Jane Lewis, painter, England
Jina Wallwork, painter, England: Art link
Julia Rein, painter, Germany: Art link Art link
Julie Leigh, painter, UK: Art link
Juliette Gorges Coppens, painter, Germany/France: Art link
June Redfern, painter, UK: Art link
Katariina Katla, painter, Finland: Art link
Lucinda Oestereicher, painter, UK: Art link
Lupe Ficara, painter and performance artist, Italy/France: Art link
Maggi Hambling, painter, printmaker and sculptor UK: Art link
Mandy McCartin, painter, UK: Art link
Martina Minette Dreier, painter, Germany: Art link
Maud Tutsche, painter & printmaker, Germany: Art link
Michèle Marie Bonnarens, painter, USA/Germany: Art link
Naomi Lawrence, painter, Germany: Art link
Nava Abel, painter, Israel: Art link
Nicola Tyson, painter, UK: Art link Art link
Noemi Molitor, visual artist, Germany: Art link
Rachael Field, Painter, UK: Art link
Pauline N’Gouala, painter, Congo/France: Art link
Pernille Horgen Bø, painter, Norway: Art link
Rieke Berg, painter, Germany: Art link
Sadie Lee, painter, England: Art link
Soheila Keyani, painter, UK: Art link
Stefanie Gutheil, painter, Germany: Art link
Suzie Pindar, visual artist and writer, UK: Art link
Teresa Casanueva, painter & printmaker, Germany: Art link
Tess Sheerin, sculptor and painter, Australia/UK: Art link
Trine Møller Pedersen, painter and photographer, Denmark: Art link
Ulrika Wãrmling, painter, Sweeden: Art link
Violetta Jara, painter, Poland/UK:
Viva Granlund, painter, Finland: Art link
Viola Hügerich, visual artist, Germany: Art link
Veronica Slater, painter, UK: Art link
Åse Margrethe Hansen, painter and visual artist, Norway: Art link

Non-european Painters

Alma López, painter and activist, USA: Art link
Amanda Krantz, painter, Australia: Art link
Barbara Bruch, painter, USA: Art link
Barbara Rudlaff, painter, USA: Art link
Carrie Moyer, painter, graphic designer & conceptual artist, USA: Art link Art link Art link Art link
Clarity Haynes, painter + works on paper, USA: Art link Art link Art link
Christina Schlesinger, painter, USA: Art link
Chitra Ganesh, painter, photographer, works on paper, India/USA: Art link
Dana Ayotte painter, sculptor, works on paper, Canada: Art link
Debbie McCarthy, mixed media painter, USA: Art link
Deborah Kass, painter, USA: Art link
Eileen Dorman, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Elise Dodeles, painter, USA:
Emelisa Mudle, painter, Australia: Art link
Fran Marno, painter, New Zealand: Art link
Grace Moon, painter, USA: Art link
Harmony Hammond, painter, USA: Art link
Haejin Yoon, painter, USA: Art link
Heather Sherman, painter, USA: Art link
Ione Citrin, painter, mixed media and writer, USA: Art link Art link Art link
Irit Rabinowits, painter and educator, Israel: Art link Art link
Jane Eaton Hamilton, writer and painter, Canada: Art link
Jane Zusters, painter and fine art photographer, New Zealand: Art link
Janet Cooling, painter, USA: Art link
Jessica Burke, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Joan Snyder, painter, USA: Art link Art link Art link
Judie Bamber, painter, USA: Art link
Julie Smith painter USA:
Karen Heagle, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Kim Anno, painter, sculptor and educator, USA: Art link Art link
Kim Leutwyler, painter and mixed media artist, USA: Art link
Lauren Lysaght, painter and mixed media artist, New Zealand: Art link
Lenore Chinn, super-realistic painter, USA: Art link Art link
Liliana Kleiner, painter and printmaker, Argentine/Israel/Canada: Art link
Linda James, painter, New Zealand:
Lisa Zilker painter, USA: Art link
Liz Ashbourne painter, academic and writer, Australia:
Lorraine Inzalaco, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Louise Fishman, painter, USA:Art link Art link Art link Art link
Madison Mikel Weiss, painter, cartoonist, USA: Art link
Marie “Mady” Bourdage, painter, Canada: Art link Art link
Margaret Graham, painter, USA:
Maria Tsaguriya, paintings and installations, USA:Art link Art link
Maureen Mullarkey, painter, USA: Art link
Melissa Mintz, painter, USA:
Melissa West, painter, USA: Art link
Misty Fall, painter, USA
Molly Marie Nuzzo, painter, USA: Art link
Monica Majoli, painter, USA: Art link
Nicola Tyson, painter, USA/UK: Art link Art link Art link
Nicole Eisenmann, painter and mixed media artist, USA/France: Art link Art link Art link Art link Art link
Paula Visnoski, painter, USA: Art link
Sharon Alston, painter and mixed media artist, leader of a women’s art movement in New Zealand:
Sophia Glass, visual and multi-media artist, USA: Art link
Sonia Melara, painter, El Salvador: Art link
Sudie Rakusin, painter and graphic artist, USA: Art link Art link
Sue Molyneaux, painter, Canada: Art link
Susan Synarski, painter and graphic artist, USA
Suzy ‘Stroet’ Arbor, painter, Canada: Art link
Taylor Anne Smith, painter, USA: Art link Art link
Vivienne Bins, painter, Australia: Art link Art link

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in this website it is of course no guaranty that she will also be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow.