A Conversation With Judy Chicago And Suzanne Lacy

A Conversation with Judy Chicago and Suzanne Lacy

Feminist artist Suzanne Lacy talks about how her art teacher and founder of the Los Angeles Womans Building Judy Chicago transformed her life in the begining of the 1970’ies. Their conversation is about mentorship, teaching and about women and art. The video was recorded on March 5 2007.

The Dinner Party
For five years from 1974 – 1979 feminist and (straight) artist Judy Chicago worked with a community of four hundred other artists, craftspeople and researchers to create “The Dinner Party,” a monumental tribute to women of spirit and accomplishment throughout the ages – women whose names have been banished “right out of history.” For over four of those five years, filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas followed the progress of “The Dinner Party,” recording for posterity the alternately painstaking and exhilarating process of creating this work of unprecedented scale and beauty. The video below is a trailer about the process and production of ‘The Dinner Party’.

Right Out of History: Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party (trailer)

The Dinner Party is an installation featuring a triangular table set with elaborately embroidered table cloths and painted porcelain plates on some of which are painted vaginas, each place honoring the a woman, whose achievements has made a difference to us and thus should be remembered and recorded for posterity. The Dinner Party has got its permanent home at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, where it has been on display since 2007.