Art Book – Lola Flash’s “Believable: Traveling with My Ancestors” (2023)

New Art Book

Believable: Traveling with My Ancestors
February 28, 2023
by Lola Flash (Author)
8×10, 148 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62097-753-8
Also available as an e-book.

‘A stunning full-color collection of photographs, old and new, by the renowned photographer and LGBTQIA+ activist Lola Flash

Working at the forefront of genderqueer visual politics, celebrated photographer Lola Flash has become known for images that manage to both interrogate and transcend preconceptions about gender, sex, and race. Spurred by their experience as an active member of ACT UP and ART+ during the AIDS epidemic in New York City, their art is profoundly connected to their activism, fueling a lifelong commitment to visibility and preserving the legacy of queer communities, especially queer communities of color.’ –