Artist Book by Birthe Havmøller

Birthe Havmøller: Jeg går i cirkler omkring mit hjem/ I walk in circles around my home
Text and images by Birthe Havmøller
Self-published artist book (2020-21) © Birthe Havmøller, Aarhus, Denmark

About the Artist Book

Introduction by Birthe Havmøller: this artist book is a ‘corona publication’. It presents a series of images from a decade which ended with the ‘corona pandemic’ reaching Denmark. The disease and fear of it have forced a new set of strict social rules onto us for an indefinite number of days. It has made all of us move in smaller and smaller circles… However, I have always walked around in circles when I’m going out for a walk.
The images are poetic memories of small experiences. The pictures are from 2010-2020. They are taken in my home or within walking distance of my home.
My camera fits into my jacket pocket and if I do not have my camera with me, then I snap a photo with my phone whenever something catches my eye. Morning walks are a pleasure when I need to stretch my body or if I just want to get some fresh air; I might go to the end of the street where I can greet on the morning sun and then I turn around onto the other paths as I go back to my block. If the weather is really nice or I have saved a little more energy then I might venture on a much longer walk through the village over to one or the other forest and back home along the country road, or I may set out on a walk along the country roads where I can “stretch” my eyes, looking far beyond the fields. On days when the weather does not suit me, I dance around in small circles in my living room.