Bro, ey bro, Where is Your Inner Goddess?

Text and image by Jannica Honey.

Hey, you heard me.
Come on, surely you are not that outdated you believe the almighty are ordered in penises or vaginas? Surely you don’t think these divine powers are that, shall we say divided and simple, like the stereotypical arrangements of gender?

No, Goddesses and Gods have nothing to do with anything you watched on TV. These fellows are way cooler than that, as old as our planetary system forever dancing down the Milky Way.

There is no separation between these two forces. If you see the black and the white in Yin and Yang (the principle, dating from the 3rd century BCE) you are seeing its reverse: it is the smoothness and complete belonging to we are presented with. The union rather than the opposite. The healing and completeness of
and all of us

Copyright Jannica Honey
‘My Mothers’. Photograph © Jannica Honey.

I was always pretty amazed by people who identified with what they were not? I do not support THAT team so, therefore. I am not into THAT religion so therefore I AM. Of course, we are only humans, we need the community and togetherness. My question is, what unfolds when we understand that we are the black in the white when we are both the God and the Goddess, we have all the parts inside us, just like the asteroids, stars and the planets are resting in our solar system that was created 4.568 billion years.

Why do you limit yourself when we live in a gigantic and endless universe.

When you find your inner god/goddess you know how it feels to be boundless, raving in a big crowd, synchronically moving, a whole shared experience, blinking lights and banging tunes.

An then again, what the hell do I know? I just had my coffee, sitting here in Edinburgh pondering, you decided what is true to you, your old God/Goddess…