Are you missing your Blackbird fairytale?

Essay and illustration by quest blogger and artist Jannica Honey.
‘What about the one about The Princesses & The Green-eyed Stinky Troll? What are you longing for …

Instagram Censors Artworks Showing the Female Body

Text and photos by guest blogger, photographer Jannica Honey: The first strike happened in 2016. My pregnant friend was immediately removed and a 30 days ban was put in place on my Instagram account. …

The Stockholm Syndrome

‘I am not sure who you are but I recognise you’, essay and image by guest blogger Jannica Honey.

What is the “thing” with naked bodies in nature?

Guest blogger and photographer Jannica Honey has joined Feminine Moments where she will be sharing a series of her writings. Her blog post explores the question, what is the “thing” with naked bodies in nature?

Grab ’em by the Pussy

Essay and images by Jannica Honey. “Inside my Edinburgh flat, it was hot. Glasgow based artist Elizabeth and I was busy gazing at each other over zoom. …”

The Lesbian Paintbrush

Essay by writer and visual artist Jane Eaton Hamilton, Canada I’ve been studying art in Paris museums further to my certificate work in painting from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have investigated the collections at the Musée d’Orsay, Musée Marmottan Monet, Musée de Montmartre, Centre Pompidou and…


A new era of theory has recently emerged – we might call it “wild theory” – within which thinkers, scholars, and artists take a break from orthodoxy and experiment with knowledge, art, and the imagination, even as they remain all too aware of the constraints under which all three operate….

Subverting the Heteronormative frame in UK Public Museums

Text: Maria-Anna, UK I’m Maria-Anna and I’m currently at the final year of my PhD research. My general interests in museums relate to minority and disadvantaged groups’ representation, not only in terms of visitation but also in terms of cultural inclusion of them in collections. However, my PhD thesis focuses…

American Queer Art Censorship: What’s Up

A brief explanation of the cultural issues at play in the recent controversy over the queer Hide/Seek show at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C by Marlene Hoeber