Documentary Photographer Gon Buurman

Gon Buurman (fotografe) by Atria Kennisinstituut.

De intieme blik – an exhibition by Gon Buurman

The retrospective exhibition De intime blik (the intimite gaze) is presented at two venues in Amsterdam, a lgbt archives and a women’s library, IHLIA and the Atria Kennisinstituut. The exhibition runs through April 29, 2017.

Gon Buurman was among the first Dutch lesbian photographers in the early years of the women’s art movement. Together with photographers like Diana Blok, Marlo Broekmans and Marian Bakker she became one of the pioneers of lesbian visibility in Belgium. She has produced several documentary photography books among these ‘Aan hartstocht geen gebrek (De Brink, 1991)/Passion in Plentitude: Handicap, Body Image and the Erotic (Ploegsma/De Brink, 1991) about sexuality and passion of physically handicaped people. She ended her career as a professional photographer in with the publication of Gon Buurman: The Life of Women (text by feminist Anja Meulenbelt; Veenman Publishers) in 2007.

De Intieme Blik by IHLIA