Doing Time by Persimmon Blackbridge

Doing Time (1991) from Lorna Boschman on Vimeo.

A video interpretation of a sculptural installation by Persimmon Blackbridge, this tape presents text and sculpture about the lives of four women who’ve been locked inside Canada’s prison system. Produced and Directed by Lorna Boschman. – Artist talk: Persimon Blackbridge. Text readings: Raven Courtney, Sandra Currie, Geri Ferguson, Diane Levings and Lyn Macdonald.

About Persimmon Blackbridge
Frances Rooney:  “For more than 30 years, Persimmon Blackbridge’s politics has fostered her fearless, innovative art. This “learning-disabled – lesbian – cleaning-lady – sculptor – performer – madwoman” feminist | activist | writer | artist has transformed the lives of others through her work. This includes people with learning and other (dis)abilities, people who have been involved in the mental illness and/or prison systems, and those who share the depression she has experienced for much of her life.

She is also committed to exploring lesbian sexuality and culture.

Her ability to take herself seriously as an artist has provided an example and hope to other artists, both emerging and established. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the U.S., Australia, Europe and Hong Kong.” – [Quote from Activist artist Persimmon Blackbridge other matters by FRANCES ROONEY | May 30, 2008]