QUEER PROPHESIES – Call for Entries

Press release


Call for Entries
Deadline: December 13, 2013

Debuting at the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival, QUEER PROPHESIES is a multidisciplinary event featuring performances and an art exhibition that will explore queer visions of the future, queer futurity and queer utopia(s).

We need submissions from YOU (the greater queer community) for queer artists to interpret and bring to life through their own original work. What does a queer future look like to you? You can write a few sentences or pen a novel.

Prophesy has historically been a tool of resistance, a means by which marginalized groups have externalized their desires and been moved to action.

Mainstream gay and lesbian ideas of “progress” have always dominated the discussion of what a queer future looks like – total and unquestioned assimilation into heteronormativity. Queer Prophesies provides a space to resist this narrative and use the collective imagination of the queer community to envision and create alternative queer futures in collaboration with exceptional queer artists.

It can be realistic, fantastical, utopian, dystopian, whatever you want it to be. We will compile all of your great ideas and submit them to artists participating in the project. Each artist will choose an idea to create a piece around – your idea could become a song, a piece of art work, a drag number, a performance piece.

If you are an artist or a performer and you are interested in submitting work, learn more about the creative process below and contact queerprophesies@gmail.com to submit original work to potentially be included as part of the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival.

Crowd-sourcing Process:

If your idea is selected, a queer artist or performer will create a piece from your idea to be debuted at the Queer Prophesies event in June 2014. Marginalized people have the power to create their own visions of the future. Submissions are especially encouraged from those who are low-income, queer youth, incarcerated queers, undocuqueers, queers of color, trans/trans* queers, queers with disabilities, etc.

Artist Selection:

If you are interested in submitting work, please contact queerprophesies@gmail.com by Friday, December 13. The curator will give you access to a spreadsheet containing all submitted prophesies received and you can select one (or more) to create a piece about. You will also receive visual art/performance specifications and instructions for submitting your work for review. We welcome all types of art and performance and are committed to a diverse program. All art works are due by February 15, 2014 and will be reviewed by the advisory board for inclusion in the Queer Prophesies show.