Galeri Catherine & Andre Hug, Paris: Stefanie Schneider

'The Muse' by Stefanie Schneider

‘The Muse’ by Stefanie Schneider

For her photography series Stefanie Schneider exclusively uses expired Polaroid film in which the chemicals react in an unpredictable manner provoking chromatic aberrations, holes and haloes that carefully rest over the motifs like a second reality. Using Polaroid, perfectly adapted to capture an image instantaneously, Stefanie Schneider gives her images dazzling effects, obtains blurry images and orchestrates chance. Stefanie Schneider paints with Polaroid film and evokes the ambivalence between imagination and interpretation, fiction and reality and leaves the viewer in charge of constructing his own image and placing it in a real or unreal sitting. The desert motif nourishes a dichotomy between reality and imagination constantly at odds with the notion of a chronological time and characters who evolve in a lost world…

Saturday, June 18, 16 – 20.00h

June 16 – July 30 2011
Gallery Information:
Galerie Catherine et André Hug, 2, rue de l’échaudé / 40, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
Opening Hours Wednesday – Saturday 11 – 13h & 14.30 – 19h |

About Stefanie Schneider
Stefanie Schneider is a German photographer and queer woman based in Berlin, Germany and California, USA. She works with videos and staged photography. Her photos are internationally exhibited in galleries and private collections and released in books and exhibition catalogs. Stefanie Schneider holds a MFA in photography from the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany.

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