Homo A Go-Go Festival 2009, San Francisco, USA

Homo A Go Go (HAGG) is an internationally attended festival of queer music, film, art, performance, and activism. This year the festival includes workshops and group shows by visual artists from all over the world. This year’s group art show, which is entitled ‘Homegrown’, can be visited at SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco, August 14-16, 2009. Visit the festival website (link below) to see an extensive online presentation of the queer artists, which among others include Amie Leeking, Anna Cambell, Caitlin Sweet, Coco Guzman, Christy Road, Dana Krusche, Ginger Robinson, Jackie Davis, Jess Muse, Jess Anthony, Johanna Buckner, Katie Krusche, Katie Kaapcke, Lex Non Scripta, Lucy Peterson, Sara ‘Faith’ Gottesdiener, Sarah Race, Shakrah Yves, Shauna Steinbach, Susan Surface and Zanne deJanvier.

Homo A Go-Go Art and performance workshops At Femina Potens

Friday, August 14, 2009
Femina Potens Art Gallery
2199 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Workshops at noon, 2, 4 and 6pm.
$5 each OR check into getting a festival pass for the Homo A Go-Go Festival, August 13-16, 2009, in San Francisco

Current programming includes:
The Von Foxies – How To Bring The Funny Into Your Performance
Sarah Tomchesson from the Pleasure Chest – Queering Your Sex
Samara Halperin – Stop-Motion Animation
Adrienne Graf – Speaking the Silence: Interpersonal Violence in Our Queer Communities
Larry-bob Roberts – Queer Zine Field Trip
Meliza Banales – Starting the Revolution from Within: How to Use Meditation to Heal and Fuck Shit Up!
Mike Upton – Patent Fever: AIDS, Activism and Intellectual Property
The Collective Tarot – demystifying the tarot
and possibly a couple more!