In the Frame: Queer Art and Community

Video (34:43) Bhenji Ra and Deborah Kelly in conversation with Eddie Ayres in Australia. The video is published by Art Gallery NSW in March 2021.

About Deborah Kelly

Deborah Kelly is a Sydney-based queer feminist artist. Her solo and collaborative works. In the above video, she talks about her art project Hey, hetero! (2001), created in collaboration with queer photo-artist Tina Fiveash, which has been displayed on bus shelters, billboards, screens, magazines, newspapers, and text books in Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington, Glasgow, Berlin, Minneapolis and Claremont, and her 2014 body of photo collages No Human Being is Illegal (In All Our Glory) which featured in the 19th Biennale of Sydney. This huge artwork was collected in collaboration with app. 100 people as a way of contemplating and negotiating the fear of climate change and rising water level’s in the Pacific.

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