Laulu (Song) by Mox Mäkelä

Copyright Mox Mäkelä

Finish artist Mox Mäkelâ has donated her latest artwork ‘Laulu / Song‘ to the Maritime Museum of Finland. The artwork is currently on display at the Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka, Finland. The artwork is dedicated to Osmie Järvinen (1944 – 2021).

Read more at Mox Mäkelä’s website about ‘Laulu/Song‘.

Mox Mäkelä

Mox Mäkelä is a conceptual artist who, since the late 1970s, has explored literary and ecological themes in her films and installations. She makes very low budget short films, and offers the results of her work for free on her Internet videostream. Her recent works include “idiot ibidem“, installation collection, text, film-diary, sound-diary and music adaptation, Suomenlinna, Rantakasarmin galleria, Helsinki, Finland, 2003, Human x – human and x, theme adaptation from an archive collection for the Oulu Art Museum, Finland, and the short film projects: meta matka / Children & Shepherd’s bank, (published on online in 2010), and Story Ambient, a spoken word video project and Sailor of Night Ship (2014) in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Finland. Mox Mäkelä’s film Strange (Vieras) premieres on May 15, 2019 at Tate Modern, London, UK. In 2020 she created ANDJUST a long play audio movie.