Other Printers: Making Images Read as Lesbian

Video (53:25): Other Printers: Making Images Read as Lesbian, a lecture by dr. Laura Guy (UK). Video by The Courtauld, a centre for the teaching, research of art history and a major public gallery in London.

‘This talk focuses on a group of photographers who shared a desire to make images that read as lesbian. This was how Tee Corinne described her collaborations with fellow photographer and one-time lover Honey Lee Cottrell. (…)It explores how witnessing through photographic means functioned for these photographers as a form of worldbuilding, one that happened between a scarcity of existing representations and the excesses of desire.’ – The Courtauld

About Laura Guy

Dr Laura Guy is a Lecturer in History & Theory at Glasgow School of Art where she co-ordinates postgraduate research for the School of Fine Art. She holds a PhD in Art History from the Manchester School of Art. Her research on queer and feminist visual culture has been published widely. She is editor of Phyllis Christopher’s artist book Dark Room: San Francisco Sex and Protest, 1988-2003 (Book Works, 2022) and co-editor with Glyn Davis of Queer Print in Europe (Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2022). With Fiona Anderson, Flora Dunster and Theo Gordon she is currently co-editing a special issue of British Art Studies dedicated to Queer Art in Britain since the 1980s.

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