Queer Circles TV (UK) – 1. Episode

Video (37:34): Queer Circles TV (June 2020).

Queer Circles is a Queer Art project by The Penthouse run by artists Rosanne Robertson and SHARP, based in Cornwall, now being produced as a QUEER DIY TV SHOW.

The isolation and restriction experienced by our whole society due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been long experienced by the LGBTQIA+ community who have created, explored and expressed ourselves in private safe(r) space as well as breaking out against fear, isolation and marginalisation to make Queer space, DIY Queer culture and events for the celebration of LGBTQIA+ identity.

Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Queer Circles present a DIY Queer culture edition highlighting how isolation plays a part in Queer culture and LGBTQIA+ activism. We are very excited to have contributions from a range of LGBTQIA+ artists who work across art forms including video art, music video, poetry, drawing, comics and performance.

Contributing Artists

Rachael House, Maz Murray, SHARP and Dean Atta.

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