QUEER, KUNST + UTOPIE – Filmscreening and Artist Talk

QUEER, KUNST + UTOPIE – Filmscreening and Artist Talk
June 4, 2017, 19:00
Schwules Museum*, Berlin

The documentary film QUEER, KUNST + UTOPIE features a series of short portraits of contemorary queer artist in Berlin, Germany. In 82 minutes long film they speak about themselves, their art projects and visions. Topics such as gender and the body are discussed in their art, the latter in particular as a projection and a mirror. But queer art is not caught up in the gender dimension only: social criticism, individual experiences of exclusion, belonging to minority groups of different kinds (trans*, sex work, polyamourism, among others). The diverse topics and the partly overlapping creative metods and motivations of this broad range of queer artists gives insights into a creativ Berlin oasis in 2016.

The doors open at at 19:00, screening at 20:00. Before the film is screened there will be an artist talk in the cafe of the museum. Admission 3-6 EUR.

Artists featured in the film are: Yori Gagarim, Kay Garnellen, Sigrid Grajek, Kaey, Malte, Henna Races, Mimi Monstroe, Tomka Weiss, Jenny Tale, Atlanta Athens, Tali Tiller, Lun Ario, Linda Havenstein, Mascha, Simon Schultz, Magda Wystub, Alex Giegold, Ann Antidote and sissi.

QUEER, KUNST + UTOPIE. Documentary, 82 min, 2017, A film by sissi // www.zweizwei.com

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