Sarah Zapata – Fabric Artist

Video (1:14:13): Sarah Zapata talks about her creative practice. Presented by MFA Fine Arts. Published by School of Visual Arts – NYC.

Description: ‘Sarah Zapata is a Peruvian-American fabric artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BFA in Studio Art – Fibers from the University of North Texas in 2011. Her work has been shown throughout the United States, as well as Mexico and Peru.

Zapata’s studio practice is firmly based in Fiber Arts, utilizing traditional weaving, coiling and latch-hook techniques to achieve very contemporary abstracted objects. Inspired by her Peruvian heritage and feminist theory, Zapata’s body of work addresses issues of labor, systems of power and control, Queerness, cultural relativism and the intersectionality of identity.

The work of Sarah Zapata exists in the liminal spaces between the past and the present, between craft and fine art, between South and North America. Like Janus, these works act as doorways – looking at the past and future at the same time, existing as testaments to intersectionality. Through these works, Zapata explores the tensions of her own identity – a contemporary artist exploring ancient cultures, a Texan living in New York, a Queer artist raised as an Evangelical Christian, a fine artist working in craft mediums, a Peruvian-American in the United States. Her art questions concepts of performative identity, of “women’s work” and the presumptive context of that term. (’

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