Sharon Hayes in Conversation with Jennifer González

Video (1:30:53): Sharon Hayes in conversation with Jennifer González about her creative practice which includes video, performance and installation, (April 22 2021).

About Sharon Hayes

“Sharon Hayes engages multiple mediums – video, performance, and installation – in ongoing investigation into specific intersections between history, politics and speech. Hayes’ work is concerned with developing new representational strategies that interrogate the present political moment as a moment that reaches simultaneously backward and forward; a moment that is never wholly its own but rather one that is full of multiple past moments and the speculations of multiple futures. From this ground, Hayes addresses political events or movements from the 1960s through the 1990s. Her focus on the sphere of the near-past is influenced by the potent imbrication of private and public urgencies that she experienced in her foundational encounters with feminism and AIDS activism.” – the description of the video by UC Santa Cruz Arts, Lectures, and Entertainment

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