St. Ives, UK: Visual Artist Tess Sheerin

Tess Sheerin moved from New Zealand to England in 2008 to pursue her art career. She is now based in St. Ives, Cornwall, being a surfer she wants to be close to the sea and in her studio she has been turning broken surfboards into works of art.

Tess Sheerin Takes Part In Urban Art Show 2011 At St. Ives

At the moment Tess Sheerin is taking part in a group show in St. Ives, where she is presenting works from her art project ‘Sea School’ – a series of painted surfboards. The group show, titled the Urban Art Show 2011, at Belgraves Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery, 22 Fore Street, St. Ives, Cornwall, TR26 1HE, UK, runs through September 5 2011.

Tess Sheerin creating an art piece out of a broken old surfboard. This is one of many surfboards she has recycled.

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