Clarity Haynes and Ksenia Soboleva

Video: (1:08:35): Brooklyn Rail contributor Ksenia M. Soboleva in conversation with artist Clarity Haynes about her exhibition ‘Clarity Haynes: Portals’ at New Discretions through April 13, 2024. The show coincides with the release of Haynes’ first monograph, Clarity Haynes: Portals, featuring text by Leah DeVun, Harry Dodge, Clarity Haynes, and Jeanne Vaccaro.

Clarity Haynes: Making Space – Queer Bodies

Video (1:05:23): Clarity Haynes portraits of bodies do not conform. Like other artists in Taking Space, Haynes’ work insists on making spaces for bodies and ideas that mainstream culture traditionally pushes to the margins.

Social Media Censorship of Queer And Feminist Art

Clarity Haynes will discuss social media censorship of queer and feminist art as a panelist in “The Art Museum as a Political Space,” at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, on Saturday March 24, 2018 at 2pm.

The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture – Artist Clarity Haynes

Part 6 of the conference, The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture The Feminist Breast: Women, Nudity and Portraiture, 2011 Speaker: Artist Clarity Haynes College Art Association Conference Panel/Special Event, February 12, 2011. Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Panelists: Brandon Brame Fortune, Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Diane Radycki, Director, Payne…